DAA Max - Solid Booster or just plain loser? Evidence Based Review

Daa Max is cheap almost to cheap for what it does! Is it a real solid booster or just a plain loser? We take an evidence based look at Daa Max to determine its effectiveness. 

Daa Max By Vital Alchemy has been around longer than you think. It was called Daa Max by Vital Labs before the company transitioned and has been around for over 6 years. The main ingredient in Daa Max is D-Aspartic Acid and the dose is 1500MG's per serving. 

What is D- Aspartic Acid?

DAA or d-aspartic acid is a non essential amino acid that is naturally occurring. Amino Acids are considered to be building blocks that your body uses to make proteins. 

Study 1

D- Aspartic Acid has had a few studies completed on its effectiveness. The first study was conducted on 23 men, age 27 to 37, who were given a daily dose of DAA for 12 days and another group of 20 men were given placebo for that same time. They also ran the same test on 10 rats, Daa vs Placebo. The results showed that in humans and rats DAA showed an enhancement of Luteinizing Hormone or LH and Testosterone, with an average in males of 42%.(1) That's pretty impressive results in such a short period of time. 

DAA Max Study 1 Infographic  

How It Works

D aspartic acid works by making and releasing a hormone in the brain that ends with testosterone production. As levels of DAA accumulate in the gonads, pineal and pituitary glands the body spikes the production and release of your Luteinizing hormone and testosterone. 

Now let's look at another study on D Aspartic Acid. 

Study 2

Another study looked to see DAA's effect on overweight males who had a mean age of 42. 10 men participated and were given a combo of vitamins that included Daa for 28 days. The results came in that free testosterone increased on average 5-10%. (4) 

In summary, twenty-eight days of treatment with a DAA/sodium nitrate/ vitamin D3 dietary supplement increases blood nitrate/nitrite and can improve subjective feelings of vitality and libido in middle-aged men. In men with low basal testosterone values, the supplement may increase circulating levels of this hormone. (3)


Now let's examine DAA Max itself. The reviews for this supplement have been extremely positive. 

"Daa max was a good one for me. Felt a lift in 2 weeks time." - J.C. 

"Improved recovery, reduced fatigue, and by the time I was done using it for my 6 week run I noticed some pretty big changes in my muscle hardness and my pants were fitting a little looser to so I definitely lost some fat in my waist area as well." - Riley

"Solid supplement, after one bottle I felt stronger and felt a kick up in my libido.." -Jonathan


DAA Max's serving size is 2 capsules twice a day, providing its users with 3000 Mg's per day. From the research provided this dosage is most appropriate to obtain desired results. 



Two studies, both showing positive results. One study providing 42% increase in 12 days in healthy males. Second study providing a small increase in overweight males as well as an improvement of vitality and libido. Great reviews and a low price. Based on these factors this supplement is  far from a plain loser and definitely a solid booster! 

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