A Next Generation Muscle Cutter? EPI 2.0 by Vital Alchemy Supplements



Regarded as one of the top men’s cutting supplements, designed to support lean mass, muscle hardness and endurance across different levels of training plan, EPI 2.0 is a breakthrough in the market.

Used regularly by both men and women, EPI 2.0 is a product designed for versatility, making it ideal for the modern market of bodybuilders and athletes seeking vastly different results to optimise performance, endurance, energy, and appearance.

This article takes a closer to look EPI 2.0, including its key ingredients, primary effects and more than a few top tips for achieving those optimum results.

What is EPI 2.0?

EPI 2.0 by Vital Alchemy Supplements is a supplement made from Epicatechin, a non-hormonal ingredient designed to enhance the lean muscle growth achieved through regular high intensity training. It does this primarily by limiting the body’s production of Myostatin.

What makes EPI 2.0 special? It doesn’t simply leave the product there – instead doing all it can to provide supporting ingredients which boost and enhance the overall effectiveness of its star ingredient – Epicatechin.

Myostatin is a natural protein – the levels of which are determined by your genetics as opposed to any external factors – which limits the body’s ability to grow muscle.

Now, that’s not to say your body does not promote certain levels of muscle growth – what it really translates to is that, once your body reaches a certain point when it believes our muscles are large enough, the myostatin concentration reaches a point where it is high enough to stop muscle growth(1).

Through a reduction in the amount of Myostatin found in the body, alongside a boost in Follistatin protein which blocks Myostatin, EPI 2.0 is able to break down the barriers standing in the way of those top level gains which so many body builders and athletes are working towards.

In short, Epicatechin limits Myostatin and boost Follistatin – removing the key barrier standing between the body and its ultimate muscular gains.

As well as supporting the body’s ability to increase lean muscle mass from the inside, EPI 2.0 also increases strength, muscle recovery, endurance, and muscle hardness.

How do I add EPI 2.0 into my training plan?

Designed in small capsules for daily intake, EPI 2.0 is easy to include as part of your training plan; best taken at the same time every day. Following extensive research and scientific backing, every dose of EPI 2.0 contains 225% more Epicatechin than other competing products, giving it more than double the potency and effectiveness.

There is no real need to limit EPI 2.0 to any short cycle duration, due to the harmless and beneficial effects of the non-hormonal key ingredient, Epicatechin. However, users with a training plan will find that EPI 2.0 is only included as part of the cutting part of their routine and can be complimented by Vital Alchemy’s other supplements across their entire training regime.

What are the key ingredients?

Utilising the best in anabolic research, EPI 2.0 has been formulated around the presence of Epicatechin – the key ingredient responsible for limiting the body’s production of Myostatin as well as increasing the presence of Follistatin by around 250%.

But that’s not all.

When competing brands caught on to the universal value of Epicatechin, Vital Alchemy took their research further, discovering that while other brands were including Epicatechin as their key ingredient, the body was not able to absorb the entire dose; essentially rendering much of it ineffective. That’s where the other ingredients of EPI 2.0 coming into play.

The answer lies in Quercetin – an ingredient which inhibits the metabolization and break down of the Epicatechin and allows it to be fully absorbed and used.

A third ingredient and one which promotes maximum absorption, Sodium Caprate, loosens the barriers between your intestines and blood stream and allows compounds like Epicatechin in, thus maximising its effectiveness even further – for the best possible results!

What are the top benefits of using EPI 2.0?

We’ve already looked at how EPI 2.0 provides the maximum absorption levels of key ingredients to maximise gains, but what do those benefits actually look like?

First and foremost, EPI 2.0 is the top product on the cutting market if you are looking for lean muscle gains. Designed to not just increase muscle mass but to also decrease levels of body fat, the gains that come from EPI 2.0 are all hard muscle, dictated by strength and a ripped and toned appearance.

Other primary benefits include:

  • Increase in muscle pumps and endurance during training
  • Increase in protein synthesis – allowing your body to benefit completely from every supplement you put into it
  • Increase in muscle recovery, supporting fast and effective recovery so you can keep pushing yourself through every training session
  • Optimum results in terms of visual appearance as well, with customers raving about their ripped physiques after use of EPI 2.0
  • EPI 2.0 is designed with both men and women in mind – supporting and providing the best results no matter what overall tone and result you are looking for

Exploring Epicatechin a little further...

As a woman, will taking EPI 2.0 make me really muscular?

Thanks to the non-hormonal make up of Epicatechin, EPI 2.0 can be used by both men and women with no side effects. However, women should be cautious when using other products containing Epicatechin as some brands add test boosters alongside the hormone-free ingredient(2).

Is EPI 2.0 a healthy support tool for bodybuilders and athletes?

Amazingly, Epicatechin seems not only to support the healthy production of increase muscle, but also appears to lower the chance of fatality through diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease and cancer by around 10%(2).

As well as this, EPI 2.0 supports an effective and efficient level of muscle recovery, meaning that users can return to normal activity much faster.

Where can I find EPI 2.0?

The best place to purchase EPI 2.0 is from the host and creator’s own website, VitalAlchemySupplements.com.


Thanks to its popularity and potency when compared with other anabolic cutting supplements on the market, EPI 2.0 is being shipped globally to those looking to achieve their goals.  



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